St. Joseph’s School aims at being a School with

   A passion for academic excellence


   Uncompromising human and ethical values

   A sensitive social conscience

   An abiding commitment to improving the quality of life in the Society especially of the marginalized, the underprivileged and the weaker sections of the society


(A) To inculcate in our students the Values of


  Love and concern for others

   Friendliness and co-operation


   Respect for all as children of God

   Discipline and self-control

   Responsible citizenship

   Care and concern for the environment


(B) To promote in our students


   Academic excellence

   Leadership skills

   All-round development

   Service orientation

With this Vision and Mission, we the Principal, Staff and Students set our Goal to achieve our dream. “We do not see the dream while sleeping, but we see the dream that does not allow us to sleep”.


Yes, we believe in few habits that make us successful

(1) We are Proactive not Reactive.
(2) We begin with end in mind.
(3) We put first things in first place.
(4) We think We Win.


Therefore, we imitate the words & deeds of our Freedom Fighters, Great Leaders, Saints & Prophets. We take risks in our life journey (Study, Teaching & Co-curricular Activities). If we win, we can lead others, if we lose, we can guide others. (Swami Vivekananda)

Yes, friends let this little message encourage us to TRUST ONESELF which will reach us to our GOAL.